Warrington Challenge – A lesson to learn

A lesson to learn, that is how I feel after the biggest tournament experience junior badminton have ever seen in Warrington.

I have found a picture among many which clearly describes how it went.

I have planned differently. I have imagined something else. I wanted to achieve a better experience.

But it turned out that I was wrong because most players left with positive memories, and I am proud of the rest who turned up and have tried their current best.

It is quite difficult to stand up for a fight at any age. But…

Even if we are learning about the rules of the sport, about realistic physical performance, or shot quality and positioning, they could all have had a chance to try.

While I felt stressed and annoyed that everything was chaotic around me, the smiles on the faces of the players I could see in the photographs made me rethink what I had achieved on that day.

I would like to thank this opportunity to Sunrise Badminton Network for being there and Warrington Youth Zone for arranging their sports hall for us, so we could make the Warrington Challenge tournament happen.

This is a big step for the Network and also a big step for me to become a known figure for badminton in Warrington.

I will try my best to further improve the level of juniors and seniors in this area to achieve something world-class at a place where no one is expecting a miracle to happen.

There will be a summary of the competition soon and we are going to share more details of the event.

Now, I am going back to work, because the rise is necessary, the rise is inevitable.


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