Contract of Goal (with myself)

Imagine, you are a child and you want to become something, and you want it so badly that you would do everything for it. Everything, even bad things. These children are worth gold soon, with the correct guidance. This contract can help them to achieve their dreams.

At that step of their development, I want to help these children, who know already that they want to become a Badminton Athlete but have no idea of what exactly needs to be done.

They can definitely achieve it without this contract, but in this way, it will be clear to all parties, what the child is preparing for and what is expected from them children in order to achieve what they want.

This tool gives them and their parents a perspective for players’ learning journey to keep going, even if they fail sometimes. Because they have a long-term goal, and they are committed to keeping their promise to themselves.

Our mutual interest (Parents & Coach) is to develop them safely, but the parents see more of the child and can recognise quicker if the child is physically not able to fulfil the Contract. (injuries, mental problems, studies, etc…)

The coach does not necessarily need to know if a child has signed a contract. However, it is a good practice if the coach is aware so that the pressure from the child could be mitigated by the coach if the child becomes too hard on themselves.

It would be great if parents would not corrupt this contract as a tool, to persuade and put extra pressure on children to do other tasks. Like cleaning their rooms or washing clothes. And if they do not, their contract will be void. And pressuring them with: How your coach will feel about this or that? There is a fine line in how it can work with extra pressure, but dear Parents, you are warned, you must be careful of what you say here.

I do agree that some parts of their life, outside of the sport, must be completed. Otherwise, they should not attend the sessions. A good sportsperson is often a good student. Knowledge is important, therefore their grades are equally important to me as their techniques or tactics on the court.

Please remind them that life sometimes overwrites priorities. But if the child really wants it, then they will find the time and space for it.

Lastly, here is the contract as PDF, in a downloadable format.

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please get in touch.

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