Frank is a calm and friendly badminton coach who does everything for all the players to become better than before.

It does not matter if he needs to learn a new skill or change his coaching style. He is ready to make mistakes and learn in order to deliver overall successful junior/parent or adult experiences.

He likes group sessions from the earliest stages to competitive adults. Most coaches do not find early-stage coaching enjoyable as it is really hard to measure success. Well, his original approach helps him to know, that their smile is what we are looking for, nothing else.

“I like to play singles. It amazes me how physically strong, flexible, and skillful you have to be to achieve strategic wins. All of these things help you set up your balanced mentality.

But doubles is the love of my life and its psychological dynamism is awesome!”

Competitive games require mental strength which is essential to learn from the earliest stages. He does take care of how juniors are coming up from complete beginners to competitors. He has no significant achievements for now but one thing is sure. All his clients are happy and satisfied with the package they get, no matter what level they are at.

Some players develop a skill quickly some don`t. Some players understand the game and win disregarding the technical executions, some players are better at the technical side but feel challenged by a game. Coaching children or adults, in any sport, is complex and for a badminton coach, there is no difference.

Competitive group coaching is easier for a coach. You have plenty of tools to measure the physical effort and also highlight the mental difficulties of a match or a situation. A player not only needs to understand and be conscious of their own emotions and actions but they have to actively scan their opponent`s actions and emotions and send meta messages with their body language to disguise the opponent and dominate the game.

Adult coaching is about understanding the point of the game and finding the right tactics against an opponent. Adults are afraid that they will look dumb during a coaching session as it isn`t easy to develop new techniques. But I am focusing on increasing their stamina and adjusting their mentality to become conscious, enjoy playing, and win more games.



  • Registered Coach – UKCC Level 2 Badminton Coach by Badminton England
  • Level 5 – Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults – UK Coaching – 2022
  • Up-to-date DBS certificate – 2022-2025


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