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Trust is the HEART of collaboration between the athlete and coach.

Singles and doubles coaching

A player can win in many ways and the role of the coach is to give them the relevant information and type of training to help them overcome their barriers.

I think organically about the development of a player. Learning is not a straight road. It has many junctions, roundabouts, highways, muddy roads, and also dead ends. Personal coaching provides the time needed to discover what should be the primary focus areas of the player(s).

Developing one type of skill might affect a player`s other technical elements, tactical solutions, and eventually the personality of the player.

Every one of the players I have ever met has a preference in terms of badminton coaching and also has different learning curves.

While I observe your learning patterns, you will pick up info and real-life experience about what options you actually have on the court.

Our aim is for you to become a stronger & smarter player who can make quicker and better decisions than before. Effortless wins with mighty roars at the end.


There is a differentiation in price, ask for details.

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