The following services Coach Frank can provide:

Video analysis – Individuals and clubs

  • Technical analysis
    • Discovering opportunities in the current technique like:
      • Identifying opportunities at the delivery of shots
      • Explaining the reason for these shot
      • Discussing the results of these shots
    • Uncovering limiting factors, including:
      • Inefficient delivery of certain shots and their reasons
      • Uncovering minor injuries, and other physical limitations
      • Discovering external factors
  • Tactical analysis
    • Movement efficiency
      • Opportunity mapping
    • Balance coordination
      • Pointing out the situation and advising practical exercises
    • Uncover tactical dead-ends
      • Shots, which often end with the loss of rally caused by a faulty narrative
  • Mentality analysis
    • An initial conversation about how the player sees their game and mental strength
    • Body language and level of disguise
    • The mentality of winning and losing and the difficulties it causes the player

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Coaching at Competitions- Clubs and individuals

Mainland British isle including England – Scotland – Wales

  • Prior-Tournament 1-hour Zoom/Teams call with the travelling person/team, exchanging information about the preparation.
  • Carbohydrate filling strategies before-during-after competition
  • Must-have equipment in the bag
  • Mental strategies for travel, entering, competing, evaluating your own performance and leaving the venue
  • On-site appearance – Observation and correction advisory on and off the court
  • Recovery tips for minor injuries, fatigue, muscle soreness and sleepovers at tournaments
  • Social media advises what and how to post your results, branding advice
  • Basic dietary advice on what to consume and avoid before-during-after competition
  • The price depends on the number of participants.